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It’s That Time Again: Schedule Your Next Tune-Up

clock-imposed-on-white-backgroundWhile last week’s little heat wave wasn’t a great example, we still have a little while left before we need to turn on our central air conditioning systems on a daily basis. But if that sudden increase in temperature was a sign of anything, it’s that when summer comes, it hits hard and you want to ensure that your air conditioner is very well prepared.

Regular preventive maintenance helps our technicians ensure that your cooling system is ready for the added strain of the summer heat. Neglecting maintenance for too long, or skipping it altogether, will make it more likely that you’ll face problems by the end of the cooling season or sooner. Read on to learn more about cooling system tune-ups and there benefits.

AC Problems Are Often Hard to Spot

The average homeowner would likely have a hard time spotting problems with their air conditioner easily. In fact, most cooling system malfunctions don’t even give off early warning signs. If there’s an issue with your air conditioner that’s giving off obvious symptoms, then it’s been around long enough to start doing significant damage.

So waiting for warning signs to present themselves before calling our pros for service? That’s the wrong approach to take. Instead, we recommend you schedule maintenance to be proactive about any AC problems you might face. Preventive maintenance gives our professionals the chance to check over your AC system very closely, isolating any issues and resolving them by making adjustments or alerting you to repair needs so you can schedule a repair service call right away.

Being consistent with your tune-ups will increase your air conditioner’s efficiency, reducing the chance of it developing other problems in the future, and will extend the lifespan of your air conditioner by years.

Schedule Your Maintenance Early for Maximum Benefits

We generally recommend springtime for your AC maintenance, since this puts the system in its best healthy possible right before the added strain of summer temperatures. We’ll be able to alert you to repair needs at this time, which allows you to take care of them long before you need your system on a regular basis.

Of course, just because spring is the best time to get your AC tune-up, doesn’t mean you should skip it if you missed that window. It’s better to have maintenance done later than to not have it done at all. In fact, this is especially true if you are using a heat pump or ductless system, since these are year-round climate control systems used for both heating and cooling. Since they do go through so much work, it’s important they receive a tune-up twice a year—so every 6 months.

If it’s been longer than 6 months since your last heat pump tune-up, or longer than a year for your last central air conditioner tune-up, then the best time to call for service is now. Be sure to get in touch with our service professionals when you’re ready to schedule your tune-up.

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