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How Will the Freon Phase-Out Affect You?

New laws in air conditioning rarely make the front page news, but since the early 1990s, there have been a number of new mandates rolled out to reduce the negative effects that greenhouse gases and refrigerant have had from an environmental standpoint. As mandates continue, there is one in specific of which you should be aware: the full phase-out of Freon, also known as R-22. Significant rollbacks have already occurred. For instance, if you have an air conditioning system that uses Freon, you may have been made aware that R-22 is only manufactured to repair existing ACs; in other words, air conditioners can no longer be produced with R-22. The result has been that Freon recharges for systems that have a refrigerant leak will be far more expensive than they were previously because of the limited amount of Freon being made. So the question is: is it worth it to keep your Freon-based air conditioning system in Pittsburgh, PA?

The Deadline Year: 2020

Freon manufacturing is winding down, and by 2020, it will no longer be manufactured for any purpose. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner uses Freon, it can only use Freon; in other words, you can’t recharge or replace the R-22 in your system with another type of refrigerant. Your choices, therefore, are somewhat limited to the following:

  • Use and operate your Freon-based AC until 2020 or;
  • Replace your air conditioner now with an environmentally friendlier system

There are a number of benefits to replacing your air conditioning system before 2020. Some of these benefits include better energy efficiency, less environmental impact and lower repair costs as pertains to the refrigerant in your existing system. Getting ahead of the Freon phase-out provides you with the time you’ll want to review new system types and install a new AC that truly fits with your home’s needs rather than rushing to replace a system that is no longer viable.

If you have questions about the Freon phase-out, or are ready to replace your Freon-based AC system in Pittsburgh, PA, now, call the experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment.

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