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Benefits of Replacing Your Thermostat

Spring is here, which offers homeowners a chance to examine their heating and cooling system between the snows of winter and the heat of summer. Nowhere is that more important than your thermostat, which controls all aspects of your HVAC system. A malfunctioning thermostat needs to be replaced quickly: here in Pittsburgh, PA, weather is usually too hot or too cold to go without it. But even if it’s working just fine, the benefits of replacing your thermostat are hard to ignore. Here’s a brief list of some of the things a new thermostat can bring you.

  • Programmable thermostats lower energy costs. Most thermostats offer programming that allow you to turn them off automatically when you leave your home each day, then on again ten minutes before you return. This keeps your house cool (or warm) without wasting money on temperature control when you’re not home. If you use an older mercury-based timer, switching to a newer programmable one is highly recommended.
  • Wireless models and zone control permit tailored temperatures. Wireless thermostats can be inserted throughout your home without having to drill into your walls or engage in other elaborate upgrades. Wireless thermostats allow you to monitor the temperature in different parts of your house and – in conjunction with a zone control system – tailor the temperature in each room or section to match your individual needs.
  • Reminders to repair and maintain your system. Newer thermostats can offer built-in reminders: letting you know when you need to replace your filters, for example, or if you need to schedule a maintenance session. Those little upkeep steps are often forgotten, but can help extend the life of your HVAC system as well as lowering monthly costs.

If you’re looking at replacing your thermostat and want to discuss options, then the experts at Boehmer Heating and Cooling are standing by. Give us a call today!

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