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3 Tips for Summertime Efficiency in Your Home

Your air conditioner is going to be on for much of the daytime for the rest of the summer. And it’s going to cost you—but the comfort you get even in the most extreme heat is certainly worth it. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep costs manageable without shutting off the system for the season.

Let Some Fresh Air In

In the mornings and at night, open up the windows and doors instead of turning on the AC. Make sure there is a cross breeze moving air all throughout the home and the home can be cooler for longer before you need to run your air conditioner as usual. And in the daytime, check the weather before you turn on the central air!

Avoid Heat-Generating Appliances

Of course, you’ll still need your dishwasher and your dryer in the summer, but making smarter choices with them can help. Run your heat generating appliances at night and try to keep them well-maintained so that you do not add too much extra heat into the home. If the temperature setting on the water heater is high, turn it down to 140 degrees. This may prevent some heat from moving into the living space, and it also helps you save money in other ways.

Maintain Your System

Have the coils of your air conditioner cleaned and the system inspected at your regular professional AC maintenance visits in the spring. Change your air filter once a month or so, or clean it if yours is reusable. Keep debris away from the outside unit and use the programmable thermostat to make more efficient choices about the temperature setting. Call a technician immediately if you notice a mechanical issue.

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