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Why Schedule Routine Heating Maintenance in Pittsburgh?

Cold weather demands adequate household heating in order to maintain your family’s comfort during the winter months. Pittsburgh is as cold as they come, and a good furnace or boiler is an essential part of your home. You may ask yourself “why schedule routine heating maintenance in Pittsburgh?” especially if your furnace or boiler isn’t breaking down. In point of fact, routine maintenance is the best way to save money on heating.

With machines that see a lot of use, such as your furnace, refrigerator or air conditioning unit, trouble doesn’t arrive all at once. Problems build up over time, exacerbated by normal wear and tear and fed by an “out of sight out of mind” approach to upkeep. Components can become dusty. Clogs can build up in flow lines. Old components can become worn out, leading to leaks, loose fittings and overheating motors. Every little issue like that forces your heater to struggle a little more get your home to a cozy temperature. Every little problem means additional cost to your monthly heating bill. And as the months and years go on, those problems can build up, adding more stress to the system until it suffers a serious breakdown. Since the heater does the most work in the winter, that may mean it stops functioning right at the point where you need it the most.

A routine heating maintenance plan can avoid all of that. A service technician can clean the heater’s components, tighten any loose cogs, replace minor components and identify potential problem areas before they get out of hand. That allows you to address upcoming issues in a timely fashion – preventing more expensive repairs down the line – as well as improving your heater’s overall efficiency (which saves money on those monthly energy bills). If you wish to schedule routine heating maintenance in Pittsburgh, contact the pros at Boehmer Heating & Cooling. We have years of experience installing and maintaining all manner of heating systems, and can set up a maintenance schedule that fits your specific needs. Call us today and let us show you what we can do for you.

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