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Keep Your Workshop Warm This Winter with a Garage Heater

Air conditioner technician installing mini split

When your home was first built, its HVAC system was (ideally) designed to sufficiently heat and cool all the rooms of the home. However, many homeowners have made additions to their home’s square footage, leaving certain areas without adequate temperature control. And some areas of homes such as garages weren’t designed to be heated.

Perhaps you’ve tried to make do with a space heater or an AC window unit in these spaces. If you’ve been unhappy with the results, you might avoid spending time in the rooms you should be able to enjoy year-round. 

That’s where the magic of mini splits comes in! These wall-mounted, 2-in-1 heating and air conditioning units are the perfect solution to spaces that have been difficult to control the temperature of. Let’s go over 7 areas in a home that would benefit from the addition of a ductless mini split. 

What Are Mini Splits?

Ductless mini splits are systems that don’t need ductwork in order to operate. An individual air handler is mounted on the wall or ceiling of a room, zone, or space. A separate condenser unit is installed outside of the home. You can install as many air handlers as you want. They use heat pump technology which means there’s the added benefit of providing both heating and cooling, making them a great year-round option. 

Here are 7 areas in a home where a mini split would make a great addition.

  • Garages: If you use your garage as a workshop or recreation area, a mini-split in a garage can help regulate the temperature, making it more comfortable to use year-round.
  • Sunrooms: Sure, you installed a sunroom to enjoy the heat of the sun. But that doesn’t mean you want it too hot in there! A mini split allows you to enjoy both the radiant heat of the sun’s rays at a reasonable temperature.
  • Basements: If your home has a basement, you may find that it’s a space you retreat to in the summer because it’s cooler, but avoid in the winter because it’s too cold. A mini split can provide the heating that’ll allow you to enjoy it year-round.
  • Additions or renovated spaces: If you’ve added a new room or addition to your home or significantly renovated an existing one, a mini-split can provide efficient heating and cooling without the need to extend and modify your home’s existing ductwork.
  • Older homes: Older homes may lack ductwork or have ductwork that unevenly distributes conditioned air through your home. A mini split can boost the temperature control in specific rooms or zones without extensive renovations.
  • ADUs or mother-in-law suites: Separate living spaces such as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), guesthouses, or mother-in-law suites can benefit from mini-split systems, providing independent temperature control for occupants.
  • Tiny homes: A single mini split can adequately heat and cool the 200-300 square footage of the average tiny home.

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