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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Reduce Your Utility Bills

When you commit to having a more energy-efficient home, you may notice energy savings for many years to come. This year, make a resolution to start saving more on your utility bills. For many homeowners, this is something that doesn’t come easily. Using the heater in the winter and the AC in the summer is necessary, but something that takes a big toll on your bills.

These home upgrades and professional services can help lower your bills for the year and for many to come.

Seal Up Your Home

When you seal up your home for better energy efficiency, your heating and air conditioning systems are able to run more efficiently. Small leaks around doors and windows really add up, so use weather stripping and caulk wherever necessary to form an airtight seal and help your AC and heating equipment run smoothly.

Get an Energy Audit

Not sure why your utilities are so high? An energy audit can help you learn about areas of the home where energy is wasted. Technicians may find that you have leaks in the ducts, a lack of insulation, or faulty heating and cooling equipment. Then, you can make a plan to improve the problem and have a more efficient home.

Join a Maintenance Program

Maintenance visits include a tune-up and inspection of your heating and cooling equipment that can help improve the overall performance and efficiency of your systems. Joining a local maintenance program gives you annual maintenance visits along with other benefits, like priority service and discounts on future repairs.

Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

Upgrade your 10-15 year-old heating and cooling equipment, and you should already notice an improvement in your bills. New heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently, especially if you choose something with an ENERGY STAR seal. You might even consider upgrading to a geothermal system, a highly efficient choice that uses energy from the heat of the earth to cool and heat a home.

Call for more information on our products and services for your heating and air conditioning systems in Whitehall, PA. Happy new year from all of us at Boehmer Heating & Cooling.

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