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3 Advantages of Energy Audits

What is an energy audit? It’s a professional service that determines where your house is losing energy and wasting money, and suggests solutions to decrease this energy loss. During an energy audit, a trained technician—an energy auditor—comes to your home and performs tests that take into account your HVAC system, appliances, insulation, ventilation, and more. Through blower door tests and infrared cameras, an auditor can pinpoint the many hidden places where your home leaks energy.

An energy audit can benefit you in many ways, and we strongly suggest you have one done. Scheduling a session with an auditor is easy: call Boehmer Heating & Cooling and speak to our specialists in energy audits in Pittsburgh, PA.

3 Advantages You Can Receive From An Energy Audit

  1. Lower utility bills: One of the main reasons to schedule a home energy assessment is to find out how your house makes you waste money on your energy bills. Losing heat means you must spend more time running your heating system to replace what is lost; during a Pittsburgh winter, this can be significant. The problem occurs in summer as well, when heat enters through air and insulation leaks and raises the humidity, which puts pressure on the air conditioner. An audit will show you where you can create better heat sealing against the outside and lower the amount of your HVAC system usage.
  2. Better comfort: Leaking air can make your home miserable during summer and especially winter. If you suffer from drafts in your house, you should have an energy audit done to find out where you can seal the leaks to improve your comfort.
  3. Improved indoor air quality: A home with good ventilation and a supply of fresh air will have better indoor air quality. However, leaks in a home do not lead to better indoor air, but usually make it worse since they will draw in excess outside air that contains pollutants like pollen, dirt, and dust mites. Higher humidity levels will also damage indoor air quality. An energy audit will show you how to seal off your home from unwanted outside contamination.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends homes have an energy audit. The DOE’s studies show that homeowners who follow through on the recommendations of an audit save 5%-30% off their annual energy bills. Homeowners may also qualify for state, local, or utility incentives to assist you with an audit.

At Boehmer Heating & Cooling, we are pleased to offer energy audits and indoor air quality services in Pittsburgh, PA to help people have healthier, more comfortable, and more economical lives. Contact us today to get started making your house more energy-friendly.

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