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Boehmer Heating & Cooling - Energy Audit Services

Pittsburgh Energy Audit Services

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year is a goal that you should take very seriously. At Boehmer Heating & Cooling, we strongly believe that no homeowner should have to compromise when it comes to their comfort or that of their family. However, we also know that maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout the entire year, from the hottest days of summer to the most frigid of winter nights, can be tough. Doing so in an efficient, affordable manner only adds to the challenge. If you are concerned about wasted energy or high utility bills in your home, just give our team a call. We are more than happy to complete a meticulous home energy audit in Pittsburgh on your behalf. Our skilled technicians can determine precisely what issues your home suffers from which are resulting in a costly, inefficient heating and cooling experience.

Why Schedule a Home Energy Audit?

One of the biggest challenges in attaining an efficient performance from your HVAC system is the fact that many homeowners fail to realize precisely what the problem is. They may dismiss the inefficient performance of a system, thinking that the equipment is performing as best it can, or they may simply be at a loss as to what the underlying issues are. Understanding a few common warning signs that air leaks in your home are to blame is a great benefit to homeowners looking to heat and cool their homes more efficiently and effectively.

No home is completely airtight, nor should one be. Some natural ventilation is necessary. However, if you notice that different areas of your home seem to be too hot or too cold, there may be excessive heat transfer occurring, resulting from air leaks. You may find that your asthma or allergy symptoms flare up, as outdoor pollutants make their way inside through these leaks. It is also possible that your HVAC equipment is cycling on and off frequently, or that humidity levels in your house are difficult to manage. If you are at all concerned about the way in which energy you pay for is utilized in heating and cooling your house, schedule an energy audit with the professional technicians on our team.

Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment

There are many benefits that you may enjoy as a direct result of scheduling a home energy assessment with our energy auditors. The biggest is that you will know with certainty precisely what it is that you are up against. Once our technicians determine what is leading to the inefficiency issues in your home, we can go about resolving the problem. By completing any necessary tests, such as a blower door test or thermographic scans, our team will pinpoint any problematic leaks in your home envelope. This will allow us to treat the source of the problem, and you reap the benefits. You can expect increased comfort and indoor air quality, as well as reduced energy costs. Speak with one of our representatives today to learn more about the details of a professional home energy assessment in Pittsburgh.

Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for Home Energy Solutions in Pittsburgh

You have plenty to worry about as a homeowner without adding the headache of high energy costs into the mix. When you call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for quality home energy solutions in Pittsburgh, you’ll have no such worries. Our energy audit experts have all the information and services you need to get the efficient performance that you deserve from your HVAC system.