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Pittsburgh Boiler Repairs: When to Schedule

In Pittsburgh, cold temperatures last well into spring. If you want to ensure that your home stays comfortable all year long, don’t wait to schedule boiler repair service. If you think your boiler is no longer operating effectively, it may be time to schedule a consultation with a boiler repair specialist. Call Boehmer Heating & Cooling today for more information.

When should you schedule boiler repair? That depends on the problem, of course, but as a general rule, it’s important to keep in mind that boiler problems do not simply go away. Even if the symptoms are no longer there, the underlying problem is likely still the same and may have worsened. Even if your boiler is still relatively effective, scheduling routine service can significantly reduce the likelihood of major repair needs and increase the durability of the system. Familiarize yourself with the following symptoms—if you recognize any of these issues in your boiler system, then don’t hesitate to call in a pro to have a look.

  • Excessive noise. An appliance as large as your boiler is bound to make some noise, but if there are especially loud or unusual sounds coming from your boiler, it could be an indication of a serious problem. You may have air in the system, water pressure may be too low, or, if you have hard water, there may be lime scale build-up on the heat exchanger inside your boiler, thus causing it to rumble.
  • Pilot light keeps going out. This is a common issue, and may be due to too much debris in the supply line to the pilot, which is not giving the flame enough fuel to burn, or there may be a draft in the system that keeps blowing it out.
  • No heat. Your boiler requires power, and if a fuse has blown or if a circuit has been tripped, then it cannot work. Other reasons vary: water level might be low, thermostat malfunction, pilot light or electronic burner ignition malfunction, and other so on. This is probably the most obvious reason to schedule a boiler repair, but due to the complexity of the factors involved, it is not easy to determine a definite cause.

Thankfully, knowing when to schedule a boiler repair in Pittsburgh is much easier than repairing the boiler itself. If you have any doubts about your system or if it’s already giving you problems, give Boehmer Heating & Cooling a call today.

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