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Do You Need to Replace Your Heating System Before This Winter?

It creeps up quickly: first the slight change in the leaves, then the need to have an extra blanket at night. Soon we’ll be opening our windows during the day but closing them at night, and then after that, they’ll stay closed for a while. If you ended last heating season grateful that you no longer needed to heat your home because your heater was ready to fall apart, it is time to get going on that replacement system.

First Steps

Replacing your heating system isn’t like pulling an AC unit out of a window; there are key steps involved that take some time, but they are worth it to ensure you install the right system in your home. The first step is to work with a trained professional. The heating experts at Boehmer Heating & Cooling have been helping customers in the Baldwin-Whitehall area of Pennsylvania install new heating systems since 1933; you can rely on our expertise and help to guide you to the right system for you and your home.

The second step is to review all of your heating options. One of the great benefits of a heating system replacement is that it affords you the opportunity to install a system that while different from your existing one, may actually be a better fit. Make sure to look at all the heating systems that could work in your home.

Once you choose your new heating system, it is critical that it be sized correctly before installation. Your Boehmer Heating & Cooling technician will calculate the heating load for your home to ensure that your new system is the right size. Then we’ll install it correctly the first time around for years of good use.

Your heating replacement is an opportunity to increase the comfort of your home, increase your home’s energy efficiency and have a heating system that fits your home perfectly, and we can help – just give us a call!

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