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Pittsburgh Geothermal Question: Is Geothermal Installation Possible in My Yard?

Geothermal systems are a terrific way to potentially reduce the amount of energy that you use to heat and cool your home. Most heating systems have to burn a fuel source in order to create heat. But geothermal systems actually use the endless and free energy stored in the earth to both heat or cool your home. At Boehmer Heating & Cooling, we provide complete geothermal installation in Pittsburgh. Because of the unique way that geothermal systems work, not every home can accommodate them. If you’re interested in having a geothermal system installed at your home, here are a few of the considerations that you need to think about.

How Geothermal Systems Work

If you were to dig down into the ground about 10 feet the temperature there would be about 55° F. No matter what the temperature is outside the ground below the surface will stay that same temperature. Geothermal systems use a long series of coils buried in the ground to take advantage of the energy stored there. A heat pump in your home circulates refrigerant through those coils.

In heating mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the ground and moves it into your home. In cooling mode it does the opposite: it removes heat from the air in your home and exhausts it in the ground.

Geothermal Installation in Pittsburgh

During geothermal installation large holes need to be dug into the ground to bury the coils. The coils can be installed vertically in some homes where space is limited. The holes need to be dug very deep into the ground to accommodate the long pipes of refrigerant. In a horizontal installation, a large area of ground is dug out and the coils are laid out and then buried.

If you’re interested in potentially reducing the amount of energy that you use to heat or cool your home, call Boehmer Heating & Cooling for geothermal installation in Pittsburgh.

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