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Why a Home Energy Audit Is the Best Way to Save Energy

What’s a home energy audit? It’s a way for you to find out where energy is wasted in your home, so that you can get on the path towards lower bills and better heating and cooling system performance.

In fact, we think a home energy audit, followed up with active home energy solutions, is the best way to save money on your monthly bills. What makes it the most effective means to that end?

An Inspection Is the Best Way to Find Energy Waste

The fact of the matter is that we simply will not know where energy is wasted in your home unless we take a look. During a heating and AC system service, we may notice that there are efficiency issues within the actual equipment. However, that is almost certainly not the only reason for high heating and cooling bills.

Problems Develop Over Time

When you first purchased your home, everything may have seemed to work just fine. But the fact of the matter is that, unfortunately, homes develop problems with time. The door jamb may wear down, resulting in leaks around the doorway. Insulation in the walls may not have been of the highest quality, allowing it to clump together and cease to properly prevent heat transfer.

Only a complete energy audit of your home can help you narrow down all of the places in your home that are no longer working in terms of efficiency. Even if a house looks just fine, an energy audit allows you to discover the hidden problems within.

Energy Audits Are Completed By Experts Who Know How to Save

Finally, an energy audit is the best way to save because you have heating, cooling, and energy efficiency experts on hand to instruct you on the most effective ways to save in your particular scenario. Quality technicians will give you an honest opinion about whether to repair or replace that older heating and cooling equipment, or whether or not adding more insulation is truly an economical option.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling can provide your home energy audit if you’re in the McMurray area. Call our friendly staff for exceptional customer service!

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