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Boehmer Heating & Cooling - Geothermal Cost Benefits

Geothermal Cost Benefits

Of all the heating and air conditioning systems out there on the market today for homeowners, few can offer the cost benefits that a geothermal system can boast. Of course, a geothermal heating and cooling system installation is a pretty big job, requiring some level of excavation or drilling to accommodate the installation of the geothermal loop, a vital component in the system’s operation. Some homeowners may have trouble seeing past the initial cost of a geothermal installation in Pittsburgh, PA. We are here, though, to tell you that this initial investment can pay off in a big way over time.

The most important thing to remember about geothermal heating and cooling systems is that, for all of their promise in terms of cost benefits, they will only benefit homeowners fully if they are installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals. That is why you should call Boehmer Heating & Cooling if you are seriously considering the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system on your property. Should you decide that geothermal is the right fit for your home and your personal preferences, we’ll see to it that you reap the full benefits that such systems have to offer.

Boehmer Heating & Cooling offers geothermal heating and cooling services throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area.

The Key to Geothermal Cost Benefits is Efficiency

Efficiency levels are always a major point of consideration for homeowners looking to invest in new heating or cooling systems. Many homeowners are shocked, though, to learn of just how efficient a geothermal heating and cooling system really is. Because geothermal systems, when in their heating mode, use just a small amount of electricity in order to cull heat from the ground, they are capable of operating at anywhere from 300–600% efficiency. When you compare that to the 175–250% efficiency levels of air–source heat pumps, themselves renowned for their own efficiency, it becomes clear just how it is that a geothermal system, or ground–source heat pump, can benefit you financially. 

It’s Not All About Efficiency, Though

While the incredible efficiency with which geothermal heat pumps operate is certainly at the forefront of their cost benefits, it is not the only fact that can save you money. You should also consider the fact that you won’t have to invest in a separate cooling system when you choose to heat your home with a geothermal system. Because such systems use heat pump technology in their operation, they can reverse their refrigerant cycle in order to function as air conditioners during the summer, sinking heat into the ground outside. That means you need only invest in one HVAC system for year round comfort.

Plus, the ground loop in a geothermal system will likely last more than 50 years, while the other components should be good for about 25 years. When you compare this longevity to the projected lifespans of many other HVAC systems, it is clear that you are really getting your money’s worth when you choose to use geothermal technology on your property. To learn more about the cost benefits of geothermal systems, or to schedule service with trained, experienced geothermal technicians, just dial our number and speak with a member of our staff.